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peHUB Second Opinion 8.10

Throwdown! Investment banks aren’t happy that firms like Apollo and KKR are stepping into their territory with their investment advisory services. (FT)

When Is the Last Time You Heard an Entrepreneur Say This? “I receive a seemingly endless stream of calls from VCs and private equity firms eager to hand over some of their money,” he said. (FT)

Retail Therapy: Barney’s, backed by Istithmar, is in a little trouble. The firm hired Perella Weinberg Partners to help it restructure its debt. Wonder what this means for Istithmar’s other retail businesses (Loehmann’s comes to mind) and other struggling PE-backed luxury retailers like Neiman Marcus (Leonard Green) and Lord & Taylor (NRDC)… (NY Post)

News Lite: There’s an event called Fashion Meets Finance, which, as the NY Times nicely puts it, “shamelessly” attempts to pair women in fashion with men in finance. And that event organization has declared the recession over. Not a self-serving declaration at all, eh guys? (NY Times)

News Heavy: Is it now a crime to be poor? (Barbara Ehrenreich)

I Don’t Even Know What To Make Of This: Wal-Mart versus the Girl Scouts (but really, their blogging mothers. (CNBC)

More IPO Fever: Europe Could Be Poised for Rash of I.P.O.s. (Dealbook)

Looking Back: Here’s the Cerberus/Chrysler retrospective from NY Times. Highlights include the phrase “crawl toward defeat,” Feinberg “can play a decent game of chess while blindfolded,” a Chrysler employee saying, “Cerberus did not have a clue about the automotive industry,” the patriotism that motivated Feinberg in the deal, and Feinberg’s flat offer to give Chrysler to the government. (NY Times)