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peHUB Second Opinion 8.12

Well if George Says So: The U.S. economy has hit bottom and the current quarter will see positive growth due to the government’s stimulus spending, billionaire financier George Soros said. (Reuters)

I Swear, He’s Cool: “JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is taking the rare step of meeting with the heads of the biggest buyout shops to assure them that he’s behind his new — but relatively unknown — head of the team that serves private-equity firms.” (NY Post)

In the Atticus Aftermath: The Five Greatest Hedge Fund Farewells. (Deal Journal)

There’s Something About Mary: Felix Salmon noticed a change in the WSJ Stipple drawing of SEC Chairwoman Mary Shapiro. (Reuters)

Also from Felix: is back and kicking. (Reuters)

The GM restructuring numbers: 11,700 G.M.-related e-mail messages, 1,700 PowerPoint presentations, 4,000 or so spreadsheets, and 1 million printed pages. (Dealbook)

Should Ben Bernanke Keep His Job? The majority of 47 economists say yes. They also said the recession was over. (WSJ)

From Yesterday’s Journal: Wall Street’s B-List Firms Trade on Bigger Rivals’ Woes (WSJ)

Hmm: Apple’s market cap is higher than Google. Can the consumer-electronics maker maintain its lead? (BW)

Lex on The Dry Powder Conundrum: “This should be a fruitful time for new spending. Instead, an industry of frustrated shopaholics may be reduced to playing pass-the-parcel.” (FT)

PE Pro Spending Alert: Daniel Lucas of Ares Capital bought a $2.1 million home in LA. (Blockshopper)