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peHUB Second Opinion 8.14

Renminbi: More details on Blackstone’s China fund. The firm is partnering with the Peoples’ Government of Shanghai Pudong New Area. (FT)

So Much For That: Recent evidence suggests not only has Wall Street survived, but it is essentially unchanged. (WSJ)

IPO Fever: “The worst thing that could happen to an infant exit market is for an over-aggressive listing to dent its fragile confidence.” (FT)

Everyone Freak Out: Look at all those IPOs. Too bad this BusinessWeek article overlooks the fact that private equity-backed IPOs aren’t for profits, they’re for debt! (BW)

Meanwhile: Barclays is fanning the fire, preparing for a “tidal wave” of private equity-backed IPOs. (Financial News)

And One Last IPO Story: We could see a billion dollar IPO soon. (Reuters)

Tarp Surplus: It’s going to stop building foreclosures. (NY Post)

Aboutface: Hank Paulson Is Not Actually Writing the Memoirs He’s Busy Writing. (Daily Intel)

Loopholes: PPIP allows traders to profit from inside information. (LA Times)

Lending binge: Astonishingly rapid lending growth appears to have rescued the Chinese economy but at what cost? (Economist)