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peHUB Second Opinion 8.17

CNBC Is Hiring: The financial news network has “extended an invitation to anyone who owns a suit to drop by the financial news network and be a guest expert, cohost a show with Larry Kudlow, or do whatever.” (The Onion)

Citadel: One more way to keep your leveraged loan holdings liquid. Citadel has opened a trading operation for bank debt. (Bloomberg)

FYI: Illinios Teachers plans to commit between $700 million and $1.2 billion next year with between nine and 16 funds. (P&I)

Light On The Ladies: “Women represent just 10% of the 747 Europe-based investment professionals at Europe’s 10 biggest firms in the private-equity industry, according to figures from data provider Preqin and the firms themselves.” (Dow Jones)

PE On the Sidelines: The FDIC has given an advantage to strategic bidders over private equity firms in the auction for Guaranty. (FT) (Reuters)

More of a Question of When: Will Terra Firma Give Up EMI? (Felix Salmon)

Performance: The State of New Jersey’s private equity co-investment fund outperformed the S&P 500. (NJBiz)

Contrarians: Jim Cramer thinks the media is wrong about the market. (CNBC)

SPAC Attack: There’s some messiness going on with Apax-backed Incisive Media. (Debtwire)

Blackstone in NY Mag: Read how Republican BX Chairman Pete Peterson is in favor of “death panels,” and other fabulous facts, in NYT Mag’s recent interview with the author. (NY Mag)