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peHUB Second Opinion 8.20

The Last Days of Lehman Brothers: The collapse of Wall Street bank Lehman Brothers is being dramatised by the BBC in a made-for-TV movie to be shown around October. (Reuters)

Got the VC Model Backward? “While so many startups are groveling for funding, the founder and CEO of Paltalk, an online social video conferencing startup based in New York, decided to use its cash to buy back a major chunk of the company from a venture capital backer.” (The Deal)

South Park Meets Harvard Business School: Introducing California-based Singularity University, a new institution that aims to educate “a cadre of leaders” about the rapid pace of technology and to address humanity’s grand challenges, such as climate and health. (FT)

Matching Up Lenders With Borrowers: One solution to the credit crunch, which persists, particularly in the middle market, is the “minibond,” Luke Johnson suggests. (FT)

Silicon Valley Six: Want to know more about the most sought-after startups in Silicon Valley? Reuters has a breakdown of their backgrounds. (Reuters)

What Does UBS Stand For: U Better Sing? Unreliable Bankers Swiss? A myriad of other examples from Barry Ritholtz. (The Big Picture)

KKR: In addition to filing its S-1 for Dollar General, KKR closed an annex fund, a less exciting move for shareholders. (Reuters)

The Economics of Tattoos: The debate about visible tattoos on MBAs and other professionals rages on the blogs. (Reuters)