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peHUB Second Opinion 8.26

The big PE news today was obviously the FDIC and private equity’s investments in failed banks. You can find our coverage of that here.

Fortune’s Take on it: Regulators cleaning up after bank failures showed Wednesday how far they’re willing to reach out for help. (Fortune)

How to Give a Lousy Presentation: Fifteen ways to make a bad impression. Some of these are totally obvious, but number 11 or 9 always seem to get overlooked. (BusinessWeek)

Big Questions: What good does private equity do? (My answer: They create value, duh.) (Economist)

Results: NB Private Equity earnings rose this quarter. (WSJ)

PE Interview: “The era of highly leveraged, high-priced private equity deals is being replaced in Germany by smaller acquisitions focused on long-term growth,” according to Lewin Berner.  (WSJ)