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peHUB Second Opinion 9.3

KKR Turns Vulture Investor: LBO Kings are turning to bankruptcy courts to make acquisitions. (Bloomberg)

Flunkin’ Donuts: “Dunkin’ runs on lawsuits.” The pastry chain owned by Bain Capital, Carlyle Group and THL Partners is treating its franchise owners badly, the New York Post reports.

IPO TIME! Everyone celebrate. But wait. There is such a thing as IPOs increasing to a level that is too high, reports the Wall Street Journal. (WSJ sub. req.)

Nice Guys Finish First: Finally, a whistleblower has been rewarded with a commensurate reward for his risk.  Dealzone writes that it feels good to applaud the $51.5 million windfall John Kopchinski is getting for his six-year legal battle with Pfizer, the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company, which resulted in a record $2.3 billion penalty for drug pushing transgressions. (Dealzone)

Hiring? Why not trialing? Private Equiteer asks, if you wouldn’t marry someone you only met for a few hours, why would you agree to hire someone before a trial? (Private Equiteer)

Cause and Effect: Was the Lehman Brothers collapse all thanks to a simple breakdown in communications between the US and the UK? (Guardian)

Happy Birthday, From the CEO: Once a month, Chambers hosts an hour-long breakfast attended by as many as 1,000 employees born that month. The agenda: an open-ended Q&A session with Chambers. (Bizmore)

In Denial: Apparently Woori Finance Holdings, a Korean investment firm, has denied reports that it was planning to commit to a Blackstone Group fund. (Bloomberg) Meanwhile they also like loan-to-own strategies typically employed by hedge funds. (mergermarket)