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peHUB Second Opinion 8.3

The Fee War: “Unlike many private-equity firms which have reduced fees, hedge funds aren’t budging without concessions such as longer lock-up periods and commitments of at least $100 million, according to money managers and consultants.” (Bloomberg)

Rewarding Bad Actors: “If you aren’t outraged, you haven’t been paying attention.” (Paul Krugman)

The truth about grit: “Modern science builds the case for an old-fashioned virtue – and uncovers new secrets to success.” (

Tarnished Brand: Well Matt Tiabbi and others seemed to have succeeded. According to a study conducted by the Financial Times, Goldman Sachs’ brand and reputation have been “tarnished.” (FT) That group of “others” includes Zero Hedge according to Wall Street Cheat Sheet.

Back and Forth: Seeking Alpha’s Robert Solomon is bearish on private equity, so he naturally disagrees with Economist’s hopeful article from last week. (Seeking Alpha)

The Private Equiteer Now Blogs for Seeking Alpha: His latest is, “When Private Equity Is Just Like a Marriage.” A marriage that lasts 10 years and makes you money? (Seeking Alpha)

And It’s a Trend: Private equity finds music investments attractive. (Bloomberg)

Yours Turly, Shirley: How do you sign your emails? How should you? (WaPo)