peHUB Second Opinion

R.I.P.: Daniel Gregory, co-founder of Greylock Partners, passes away

When You Put it That Way…: Yes, it sounds as if the U.S. does in fact have a debt problem

Making Deals: PE pro Tom Gores eyes the Pistons, perhaps the last valid asset in Detroit

What to Do…: After amassing your billions via Facebook? To New Zealand!

Still Trying: Sanofi-Aventis keeps at it with Genzyme

On Second Thought: This one belongs in the hall of fame of regrettable electronic correspondences–aside from it also carrying a number of potential charges

Commuting: Have you had a tough go of it lately in the snow? Cheer up; you’re not this guy [Editor’s note: I’ve absolutely seen worse on a NYC subway.]

Blue Steele: It doesn’t look as if Michael Steele will be back as RNC Chair

Mantras: AT&T iPhone customers, revel in seeing an AT&T customer service rep say something we’ve all repeated ourselves