peHUB Second Opinion 9.13

Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder, says he wants the new iPhone to take better pics.

Apple iPhone 5 preorders begin tomorrow (or early Friday morning).

It’s a revolution. New York City’s ban on oversized drinks passes.

peHUB is all over “bacon number” on Google search. Play it!

Is going solo a good idea? Maybe get a partner, says Jindou Lee.

Barrett Brown, who claims to be the leader of Anonymous, was arrested in Dallas.

Using lots of buzzwords and other ways to spot a social media “expert” who’s full of it.

Goldman Sachs is doing away with two-year analyst contracts for those hired out of College.

Jonathan Abrams, who founded Friendster, is launching Nuzzel, a news filtering service.

Felix Salmon wonders where are the startups?

It doesn’t look like the Boston Red Sox are up for sale. But we hope.

Vladimir Putin admits all those wildlife stunts are staged. We are very shocked.

Surprise! Bain Capital has given millions to democrats.

More than just bias? Four Fox news contributors actually work for Romney

Josh Sankey is driving across the U.S. and using piles of bacon as his currency.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Fred Prouser