peHUB Second Opinion 9.14

Nina Mitchell talks about having a stroke at age 26 and escaping the hospital for a party.

ITC judge’s preliminary ruling clears Apple of infringing on four Samsung patents.

Twitter hires Charlie Miller, an elite hacker, to beef up its security team.

There’s a new kind of monkey in town. And he’s more colorful.

Why Wall Street and Silicon Valley view Facebook so differently.

How come the iPhone 5 doesn’t have near-field communications?

This product came from a Mom. Introducing the My: KidPad, which aims to childproof your iPad.

Summer may finally be over in Chicago. The teachers union and Chicago public schools have reached a tentative deal and school could resume Monday.

Love the snipers! How to deal with the 13 of the most frustrating coworker types.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Handout