peHUB Second Opinion 9.19

Felix Salmon gets a look at the book from Gregg Smith, the Goldman Sachs banker that left and called the IB morally bankrupt.

Ryan Caldbeck tells why he left private equity to start a crowdfunding site.

A woman in Iran beats a cleric after he gives her a warning for being badly covered. Fight the power!

Yahoo has named Karen Dykstra as its new CFO.

Erick Schonfeld, the former TechCrunch editor, is taking over the management of DEMO.

The iPhone 5 is selling for $1,600 on eBay.

Six million Americans in 2013 will likely have to pay a penalty for not buying health insurance.

I knew it! is down again.

Groupon has launched a payment business where it will compete with PayPal and Square.

Poor kids. The Chicago teachers trike has ended and school resumed today.

David Lee talks about why he never started his own company.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach