peHUB Second Opinion 9.20

There’s lots of complaints about Apple’s iO6 Maps

An ode to a dog. This is quite wonderful.

Mitt Romney did well at Bain. But if he’d stayed around for the boon, he would’ve been a billionaire.

Wal-Mart announces plans to stop selling Kindles and Amazon’s stock falls.

Facebook will start charging businesses to run Offers

What’s the venture capital secret? Three out of four firms fail.

Samsung’s video making fun of iPhone 5 fans: “They should have a priority line for people who’ve waited five time.”

What phone hacking? James Murdoch expected to take direct responsibility for News Corp.’s U.S. TV business.

Mitt Romney is looking much tanner

CalPERS cut bonuses by 12% for investment offices and most didn’t get pay raises.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jim Young