peHUB Second Opinion 9.24

Hillary Clinton’s main flack really lost his cool over the Benghazi fiasco and dropped some F-bombs.

First Round Capital has committed $500K to the Dorm Room Fund

Iran is boycotting the 2013 Oscars over the anti-Islamic film. 

Why women should stop trying to be perfect. And Richard Branson’s tells us why we need more women in the boardroom.

Apple has sold more than 5 million new iPhone 5s

Stop panicking. Facebook hasn’t published private messages to your timeline. They’re old posts.

OMG Myspace is still around. In fact, it’s got a new look.

The kitchen is sacred and other rules for co-working.

Microsoft accidentally tweeted an anti-Anne Coulter message to nearly 300K followers.

You really don’t have to rush out and buy that house. Interest rates will stay low for a while.

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