peHUB Second Opinion 9.27

Study shows that 17% of adults get their news from a cell phone or table.

What’s next for the iPhone? Flexible displays with tactile keyboard, laser mics and speakers built into them.

It’s love. Study proves that urban coyotes are 100% monogamous.

Here’s Yahoo’s 2011 three-year product strategy plan that reads a lot like Marissa Mayer’s new vision.

Legg Mason hires Korn/Ferry to find a new CEO.

Facebook helps you remember birthdays, now they’re making sure you buy them a gift.

This is how two cousins, Henry Kravis & George Roberts, each put just $10K into a firm that grew up to become KKR.

The “Obama phone” is a myth. Free phones for low-income people were started by George Bush in 2008.

The EU set to charge MSFT for failing to offer a choice of web browsers. 

This is very scary. The new trend in Japan is “bagel foreheads.”

RIM’s quarterly losses narrows but the company has a bigger warchest.

Julian Assange lashed out at Prez Obama for supporting freedom of speech in the Middle East but persecuting WikiLeaks.

Rover finds evidence of water on Mars.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/NASA