peHUB Second Opinion 9.1

There’s no escaping Facebook, even when you’re shopping in a real store.

Lesson for entrepreneurs: Bill Bartmann lost $3.5 billion and his company, but he didn’t give up. Now he’s making a comeback.

Kooky idea of the day: Rapper Snoop Dog has teamed with Symantec to raise awareness about cybercrime. Got some rhymes for da house? Check out the Hack is Wack rap contest.

Outlandish claim of the day: Mike Arrington says Google offered a developer a $500,000 cash bonus to stay at Google for a year instead of going to Facebook, but the developer turned down the offer. In this economy?

Job-cutting bosses get paid more than their peers, says new study. Anyone seen my hatchet?

Steve Jobs wants to own your living room. Like we didn’t see that one coming.