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peHUB Second Opinion 9.1

Regrettable Statements: Robert Benmosche, the CEO of AIG, said he regrets comments he made to New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in which he said Cuomo  “doesn’t deserve to be in government” and had acted like a “criminal.” (Dealzone)

Down With Private Equity, It Seems: The Reuters blogging team is on a rampage against private equity of the leveraged variety this week. Matthew Goldstein is against-leverage and writes that we should require a 50% equity contribution on all buyouts all because Clear Channel was a stupid deal. (Matthew Goldstein)

Road to TV Glory: A New York Cab driver has penned a TV pilot about M&A. (NY Post)

Meltdown Anniversary Watch: The Lehman anniversary is coming up on Sept. 15. Joe Nocera’s idea-“Don’t look over there for an understanding of the meltdown, look over here”-may survive as the most rational. (Big Money)

SuperRegs: Sheila Bair’s Op-Ed argues against a “super-regulator.” (NY Times) The Deal’s Robert Teitelman responds. (Dealscape)

Slow Times: August was the worst month for private equity in India in the last four years, according to a report by VC Circle. (Alt Assets)