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peHUB Second Opinion 9.11

Needs More Lehmans! Jim Rogers, Chairman of Rogers Holding, writes that “Letting Lehman fail was perhaps the only thing governments have done right during this whole drama.” (FT)

And the Rebuttal: Letting Lehman fail was a mistake. (The Big Picture)

That’s Ballsy: After Wells Fargo seized $12-million foreclosed-upon beach house formerly owned by victims of Madoff, a top bank executive from the firm was seen spending weekends and hosting parties there. Bold. (LA Times)

Bad Stats: How the heck can we run a modern economy when college grads have falling real wages? The answer is, we can’t. (Business Week)

In The Running: Bloomberg to enter the print publishing world? The company is apparently bidding for BusinessWeek (WSJ)

Just Saying: This is a really aesthetically pleasing law firm website. Do you agree? (Gibson Dunn & Crutcher)

RIP: Eddie Lampert has killed Sears. (Business Insider)

The Criminal Case Against AIG: “Ever since the onset of the global financial crisis, there have been calls for holding Wall Street accountable. And by accountable, they often meant criminal charges. But as The Wall Street Journal pointed out today, there have been few criminal indictments.” (Deal Journal)

Do You Trust People Who Don’t Email? Those pesky little correspondences do seem to get people in trouble. (Clusterstock)