peHUB Second Opinion 9.11.08

Lehman Edition: Follow the jump for some non-Lehman reading.

Business Week: So, there is nothing but Lehman Brothers coverage in the news, and you don’t need me to point you to it, but I wanted to draw attention to a specific piece of private-equity-focused analysis. Business Week asks, is it time for Lehman to go private? Dealbook responds with even more insightful commentary (and comments), including two cents from an analyst who believes Lehman’s management may be able to piece together enough money to buy the company.

Wall Street Folly: In response to the Reuters and CNBC “debunk” that Goldman Sachs isn’t interested in buying Lehman Brothers, the blog asks: “Did anyone *really* think that Goldman would buy Lehman Brothers? Of course by now we all know the report and the blog are referring to a Goldman bailout of all of Lehman; all the hubbub over the piecemeal auction of its asset management businesses is long gone.

Dealbreaker: Ok, last one, I promise. Best irreverent headline on the whole mess.

DealZone: I lied, but really, this is the last one. My own colleagues at DealZone win for most pointless coverage of Lehman’s troubles. Click here (if you’re, like, really, really bored) to read about the drop in business at the gyro cart operator on the Lehman headquarters corner, and at Tonic, the bar which hosted many a Lehman event. I give ’em credit attempting to cover every angle. I think.

Infectious Greed: Check out the performances of some of the Sovereign Wealth Fund investments in the American financial sector (remember that trend?).   Seems Carlyle’s the only one that’s produced a positive return.

New York Post: A partly sensitive, partly callous, partly practical, partly conclusion-jumping OpEd on the effects of 9/11 on our financial system.

CNN: Lastly, a (small) bit of good news for some of you laid off bankers: perhaps you may find work at a boutique advisory shop? Seems small businesses are growing.