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peHUB Second Opinion 9.14

More Best Practices: PE Law Review on the new Limited Partners Association best practices. “What comes up for scrutiny and criticism are provisions relating to carried interests, claw back liabilities and management fees.” (Private Equity Law Review)

Reflecting on a “Surreal Period:” Musings on the past decade from David Rubenstein, Scott Sperling, and others. (Dealscape)

Random: Apparently Nomura is using Facebook to find former Lehman workers in order to recruit them. (Global Security Mag)

Punny: Hedge Funds’ Low-Arb Diet Is at an End. Get it? Anyways, merger arb is a good place to play these days for lack of competition. (WSJ)

Huntsman: From Stalked to Stalking Horse. In a year since the Apollo/Hexion debacle, Huntsman has transformed itself. (Deal Journal)

Counting the Words: What was Obama trying to say to Wall Street in his speech today? (DJ)

But We Already Knew That: KKR is postponing the raising of its buyout fund. (NY Post)

Six Sigma Makes a Comeback: With the outlook for sales growth dim, everyone from Target to Cadbury to Merck is turning to Six Sigma to squeeze out more savings. Hear that, operational partners? (BW)

IPO Time: Lotsa new filings: Talecris, Dollarama, etc. (Reuters)