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peHUB Second Opinion 9.21

The Triumph of Web 2.5: The well-deserved success of, and what other Web businesses can learn from it. (Slate)

Living It Up: Barrett Wissman has not let his involvement in the pay-to-play scandal crimp his lifestyle. “This summer, the 47-year-old held court at a wine-and-music festival he helped found in Cortona, Italy, with a group of high-society friends. There, he interviewed film star Anthony Hopkins, and oversaw a program of cheese tasting, tai chi classes and violin performances.” (WSJ)

The Yes Men Are Back: Last year they distributed fake NY Times editions which declared the war is over. This year they focused on the climate and the NY Post, declaring “We’re Screwed” on the front page. (Huffington Post)

Can’t Find a Job? Move to China, that’s what a host of young people are doing, including one private equity pro. From the San Francisco Examiner:

A 28-year-old former London banker took a job a year ago with a Chinese private equity firm after the crisis devastated his industry at home. He said that even though he spoke no Chinese, his experience and contacts made him a sought-after asset in China, a market that he said offers “a much faster route to a top-level position.

Speaking of London: The city expects a flux of PE-backed IPOs. (Independent)

Burning a Hole In Its Pocket: TPG is sitting on $30 billion in capital. (Ed note: My word that is a lotta money.) (Reuters)

Don’t Date A Ponzi King: You might get unfairly fired. A top-performing female trader has sued RBC Capital Markets for gender bias over her dismissal, which she said stemmed from her dating a hedge fund manager later charged with fraud for running a Ponzi scheme. (Reuters)

This Week Feel like 2007? If all goes as planned, this week’s IPO market will feel like the year when new stocks were plentiful and there were no barren periods. (WSJ)