peHUB Second Opinion 9.22.08

Dealflow: BusinessWeek wrote in May 2007 that Avaya was the near-perfect private equity target. That might be changing, as the same blog reports on potential cracks in the $8.2 billion TPG and Silver Lake deal. “My strong belief is that the company will struggle,” Paul Bowen of Bowen Advisors says.

Wall Street Folly: Pointing out Wall Street’s vices. In times like this, (apparently) Wall Streeters turn away from the strip clubs and toward the bottle. Crain’s has the scoop on New York’s uptick in scotch and wine sales, while New York Magazine reports on the pending downturn for upstanding institutions such as Rick’s Cabaret.

Dealbook: Pointing out Investment Dealer’s Digest’s talk with someone who might know what its like to be Dick Fuld right now: Frederick Joseph, of the former Drexel Burnham Lampert. (He’s now at Morgan Joseph, which has apparently seen some upside in this debacle.)

Wall Street Journal: The resignation of Citigroup’s Sally Krawcheck further narrows the list of ladies at the top of Wall Street’s most powerful firms. Krawcheck had already been demoted this year, yet remained one of the highest-ranking women in finance.

Footnoted: Comments on Henry Waxman’s issues with executive compensation, and its ties to performance. The entry makes a point that I have to agree with: there are simply too many ways to measure performance.

Naked Capitalism and FT: Some senior secured debt is trading below 50 cents on the dollar. Scary time or buying opportunity? (Via Abnormal Returns.)

Fortune: It’s the first “mine is bigger” competition we can get behind. Queen Elizabeth has purchased the world’s largest wind turbine.