peHUB Second Opinion 9.24.08

Reuters: No one knows why Daimler wants to sell its remaining stake in Chrysler. Reading the press release from the original transaction, I can take one guess—there’s no more “upside” to “participate in.”

Deal Professor: Is Deal Professor referencing a hip hop song from the movie Hustle & Flow? He writes “Its Hard Out There For Pimp Seller.”

New York Post: Even Sarah Palin is getting in on the Great Depression echo chamber. But today Warren Buffet trumped everyone, comparing the economic crisis to Pearl Harbor.

Infectious Greed: Get ready to start reading analysis about the credit crisis as its already happening! Thanks to this handy list of eleven business writers working on books about the ongoing economic crisis. Who knows how they’ll end? I guess with the fast pace of today’s sensory-overload-ADD flow of information, there’s no such thing as letting things sink in before we pour over them with analysis….

The Deal: WaMu will be solved this weekend. Everything important happens on the weekends.

Wall Street Journal: T. Boone Pickens’ funds are down $1 billion. First of all, yikes. Second of all, Dealbreaker makes a good point: At least his book is a best seller. “We missed the turn in the market, there’s nothing fun about it,” he told the Journal.

Footnoted: Introducing “Prozac disclosures.”

Wordy Side Note: Are we starting to get numb to the strength carried by the word “crisis”? I feel like I’m just tossing it around meaninglessly…