peHUB Second Opinion 9.25.09

Dealscape: Getting sarcastic are we? The Deal’s blog pokes fun at James Sprayregen of Goldman Sachs for stating what does seem like a blinding glimpse of the obvious: there are more retail bankruptcies to come. Ok, yes, it’s not revolutionary but cut the guy a break. Everything seems boring and echo-y after a week of headlines that scream “CRISIS!” “MELTDOWN!” and “GREAT DEPRESSION!” Not to mention, being redundant and right is far better than being riveting and wrong.

Dealbook: More sarcasm! (Has the crisis turned us all bitter?) Here Dealbook cleverly notes that the “financial firm” CVS Caremark has been added to the no-short list. Just kidding! CVS Caremark isn’t a financial firm! (Hint: its not sarcasm if you point it out in the next sentence…) In other news, seriously, how are CVS, I.B.M, Medco Health, and other decidedly non-bank companies on the no-short list?

CNN Money: GE slashing guidance? No bigs, there are bigger fish to fry, says Wall Street.

Tech Confidential: Tipjoy raised a big $1 million.

Dealscape: It’s not related to private equity (though it could be, rival bidders), but Kraft Foods, feeling spry after snagging AIG’s spot in the Dow 30, may have its eye on Cadbury.

CNN Money: Greenberg is selling his stock “for liquidity and other reasons.” Would those other reasons have anything to do with all the “fat cat” and “overpaid executive” scrutiny we’ve been hearing of late? (It can’t be, can it? He’s already lost billions in a matter of a year…)

Daily Telegraph: Goldman’s Buffet money will go to distressed assets. Easy to buy, tough to save.