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peHUB Second Opinion 9.30

Zombie Companies: Companies owned by private equity firms, particularly the number two or three in their sector, are at risk of becoming zombie companies because of their high debt levels and the lack of interest in such firms from equity investors. (Dealzone)

MBA Pay: Riches for Some, Not All: Schools publish average salary figures that suggest most grads will reap rich rewards, but for many the “average” is a distant dream (BW)

A for Effort/F For Execution: Every buyout firm wants to do loan-to-owns these days, but not many have. (Reuters) (PS Here’s some good advice on how one firm made it work.)

Icahn To The Rescue: Apollo-backed Realogy is a fixer-upper, and Carl Icahn has tapped Carl Icahn to help it pay down some of its debt. (NY Post)

Yesterday we mentioned the NY Mag Expose on the finance blog, Zero Hedge. Today Felix Salmon talked to the author about the backlash he’s received for his relatively innocuous but interesting story. (Reuters)

Speaking of Zero Hedge: The site reports that CNBC’s audience has shrunk by 37% in the past year. Jon Stewart may have had something to do with that…. (Zero Hedge)

We’re Screwed: Magazine Cover Curse?

Sarcasm Noted: CNBC Reports: “New York’s street-cart vendors aren’t just low-income immigrants anymore.” They’re ex-investment bankers too! (Dealbreaker)

2010: The majority of private-equity industry executives polled say they expect economic conditions to keep deal activity and debt availability relatively low until near the end of 2010, according to a survey by KPMG LLP. (PR Newswire)

A Secret for Contending with Colleagues: Instead of puzzling over the behavior of others, work on changing your reaction to it, says Peter Bregman. Seems basic enough. (BW)