peHUB Second Opinion

Sesame Street style, today's posting is brought to you by the letter "S."Splittin’: Steve Eisman may leave FrontPoint Partners to lead his own shop

Selling: Will Wendy’s unload Arby’s?

Small Ball: Silicon Valley Bank’s Jim Anderson thinks VCs should focus more on it

Sharing: You wouldn’t have hedgies out-donating you, right, folks? Sounds like just the kind of feeder fund the world needs.

Predatory investors are trying to cash in on Steve Jobs’ health issues

Slumping: Homes construction

Splittin’, Part II: Buffett leaves the Washington Post’s board

Starbucks: Couldn’t you have just called it “enormous” instead of trying to make us build on your lexicon?

Now with a 44% ROI!

Slashing Spending: The House GOP looks to eliminate $2.5 trillion from the budget via cuts over the next decade—including one item that could (finally) begin to nudge Amtrak to privatization

Solutions: The Peter G. Peterson Foundation is doling out grant funds for proposals that will reduce our national debt, as well

Shine On: You crazy used car investors (right, right: classic cars)