peHUB Second Opinion

It’s Off!: GNC Holdings weighs IPO after China’s Bright Food backs off deal talk

Signs of a Bubble: World Economic Forum figures we can afford to double down on credit

Sorry, PE:
I don’t think President Obama was suggesting you weigh in again on the Volcker Rule

However: The President will be taking advice from one business pro—GE’s Jeffrey Immelt

Getting Bullish: Hal Rosser’s not the only one who likes the consumer space; Hiter Harris sees potential in the space as well

O-No!: Oprah’s network ratings take a hit out of the gate… perhaps she should try to establish a conservative viewership, too, and acquire the former Alaska governor’s show?

The Strongest Case vs. Data Storage: In what was clearly a terrific use of taxpayer dollars, the NYPD’s study on “Things to Duck Behind During an Office Shooting” concludes file cabinets withstand fired slugs the best

Mob Flowcharts: “Fat Dennis,” “Tony Bagels” and “The Claw,” nobody comes up with great nicknames like organized crime syndicates (except, possibly, former Haitian dictators)