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peHUB Second Opinion 9.8


Should Lehman Brothers have been saved? (WSJ)

Was TARP wrong and is capitalism evil? (Reuters)

Exclusive Interview with Dick Fuld, who says he’s been “dumped on” for the failure of Lehman Brothers, but says he doesn’t want to speak out in his own defense because “the facts are out there.” (Reuters)

Also, Dick Fuld is into giving hugs. (Reuters)

Everyone Is Excited: Merger mania may not be quite in full swing, but the pace of deal-making is showing signs of coming back to life after nearly a year. (Dealbook)

More IPO Mania: An interview with the “Mr. Private Equity” of Asia, Pacific Equity Partners managing director Tim Sims, according to sister publication Asian Venture Capital Journal. (The Age)

Family Time: Rothschild is raising a private equity fund. (Bloomberg)

Buffett Recalculating His Bets: At 79, Mr. Buffett is coming off the worst year of his long, storied career. (NY Times)

New Studies: There is a “surge” of interest in private equity secondary stakes. No shock there, but is dealmaking still quiet? Yes, it seems. (FT)

The Ethics of Multitasking: Stop the multitasking madness: Put down the iPod and your BlackBerry, and pay attention to the task at hand (BusinessWeek)