peHUB Second Opinion: Bonus B-School Edition

The latest issue of BusinessWeek has a big section of articles catering to MBAs (would-be or current). Here’s a highlight of my favorites:

Cracking the Admissions Code: “It turns out business school is inherently extreme. Take 500+ hardworking, determined self-starters with a few years of work experience and a false sense of yuppiedom, then bring them to a hotbed of academia.” (BusinessWeek)

Shame: The diversity of students’ ethnicities at B-schools is shrinking, not growing. That’s bad news for schools like the Kelly School, Cornell, and Chicago Booth School of Business. Recruiters have noticed. (BusinessWeek)

Speaking of Booth: The school ranked first, above Harvard, on BusinessWeek’s ranking of the best U.S. business schools for 2008. (BusinessWeek)