peHUB Second Opinoin 10.12

What is Billabong’s terrible secret that is causing potential bidders to run?

The U.S. budget deficit hit $1.09 trillion in September, the fourth largest since WW II.

J.P. Morgan is cutting investment banking pay to 35% of revenue.

What Biden and Ryan’s gaffes really mean. And, here’s a mashup of the VP debate from last night.

Creator of Friday Night Lights wants Mitt Romney to stop using his show’s rallying cry. 

Zynga’s CEO retweeted a story saying Zynga should go private and we are stunned.

Apple’s iPhone 5 usage surpasses Samsung’s Galaxy S III after less than 3 weeks in the market.

The FTC is moving closer to bringing an antitrust case against Google.

BBC film crew tries to sneak into Nevada’s Area 51 and gets stopped at gunpoint. But no aliens.

Advice for the forgotten victims–the kids– of Wall Street’s cash bonus tragedy.

The iPad mini to make its debut Oct. 23

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Rick Wilking