peHUB Second Opinion 5.18.10

Junk bonds: They now have the weakest creditor protections since 2007. We called the junk-bond machine a bubble last week, and we’re not regretting it.

Credit ratings:
The SEC may require ratings agencies and the companies they rate (perhaps companies you or your partners own!) to be more … public about all that.

Stock options:
Steve Jobs gave up $10.3 billion by revaluing his Apple stock options in 2003. Don’t let this happen to your portfolio company.

Community banks: The silent killer.

More states may create public banks. If they want to avoid future credit crunches, perhaps. But that seems awfully selfish, especially when municipal finance creates such fascinating scandals.

High-frequency trading:
If you haven’t had an unprofitable day in four years, is that excellence, or rigging?

Thomas Weisel Partners:
Had an unfortunate run-in with FINRA on the matter of auction-rate securities.

Wells Fargo: Incredibly, it is talking some mild smack about Goldman Sachs.

The silver lining: The great thing about the Continent-enveloping euro crisis is that it makes America look like it has its stuff together. Remember: Always make sure you take balance-sheet snapshots while standing next to countries less attractive than yourself.

Social media: It killed Privacy. We assume it was emboldened by never having been indicted for its gory murder of Time.

Larry Summers: This generation’s Henry Kissinger. This is very apt since a New York Times blogger asked yesterday whether the financial meltdown is this generation’s Vietnam.

Richard Blumenthal: Did rival Linda McMahon’s campaign leak the damning Vietnam information? The evidence seems to have disappeared. You’ll never get their tweets alive, coppers! Print and take along on your next lobbying trip.

The infographic you’ve been waiting for:
A timeline of Congressional sex scandals. Print and take along on your next lobbying trip.

Stress levels:
They nosedive at age 50. Tell that to your limited partners and your bottle of Pepto.

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