peHUB Second Opinion

The What Recession? Edition: Fundraising surges, PE compensation is up, what is this, 2006?

Dealscape: Perhaps we were wrong to call a slowdown for fundraising in Q4—September is only three days in and we’re already seeing a surge.

LBO Wire: Salaries are actually up for PE professionals.Taking carried interest and bonuses into account, salaries for PE professionals are up 27.3% for 2007, the publication reports. Yes, that includes only half of a recession, but still–you’d expect they’d at least be flat.

Telegraph: That fundraising surge includes a $20 billion boost from TPG’s mega-fund.

Reuters: Meanwhile, Blackstone is expanding to the West Coast with an M&A advisory hire.

FT: John Kay spells out why we shouldn’t trust politicians to set tax law, or any other economic or monetary law. Instead, the UK needs an independent audit… wait, isn’t that what government was created for?

Bronte Capital: Google is plotting the theft of our identities!

Dealbook: And Linens N Things is going to make it after all.