peHUB Top 10

What’s on readers’ minds at peHUB? Fundraising, the latest deals and the Carlyle Group, it seems. This week’s wrapup has the latest on what you want.

1. Jonathan Marino argued that it isn’t the biggest LBO shops that deserve capital from the smallest investors (so, who, then? He’ll explain this week.)

2. Michael Greeley took a look at the most recent fundraising figs

3. Clancy Nolan covered Roark’s new fund when it closed

4. Our friends at Reuters TV shared their interview with David Rubenstein, which Jonathan Marino covered

5. Luisa Beltran reported on Searchlight’s latest deal, this time, for Integra

6. Angela Sormani covered yet another dentist’s deal for PE last week

7. Gregory Roth covered Florida’s decision to spend a whole lot of money on PE & infrastructure

8. Luisa Beltran covered the sudden passing of 3i’s Tighe Sullivan

9. Our friends at Reuters had the story when some potentially embarrassing PE-e-mails were unsealed

10. Readers checked into Reuters’ piece on Solar City’s IPO

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