peHUB Top 10

And the away team takes one! This week’s top 10 posts were dominated by our guest bloggers–if you’d like to try your hand at it, try me at–including newcomer Matt Stewart and one of our favorite new byline regulars at peHUB, Mahendra Ramsinghani. Take a look at our hits from the last week.

1. Matt Stewart wrote a comprehensive piece on the intersection of growth capital and LBO deals

2. Another guest blogger, Nadim Malik, showed investors how to be top-quartile

3. Connie Loizos is kept it real, and kept readers in the loop on the Valley’s latest reality show

4. Jonathan Marino had the latest inside scoop on what’s coming next at Tumblr

5. Luisa Beltran followed up on TPG’s latest fundraising play

6. Angela Sormani’s Job of the Week posting is always a favorite with readers

7. Joanna Glasner took some time to inspect the link between Khosla Ventures and cleantech

8. Angela Sormani tracked down another PE deal for our readers to start the day

9. Luisa Beltran had the latest on a new PE fundraising

10. And Mahendra Ramsinghani closed out our week as the third guest blogger to notch a top-ten appearance in his belt.

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