peHUB Top 10

Right now, taxation issues are at the top of the GP priority list (and, at the top of our reader favorites). The usual suspects–fundraising news and the peHUB Job of the Week–were also in the Top 10 this week.

1. Jonathan Marino led the week off with some “cliff”-hanging speculation about how carried interest could be taxed more

2. Jonathan Marino covered what PE pros and Beltway veterans are saying post-election

3. Connie Loizos made some good points about where Petraeus could wind up next (since he’s looking to get out of the house)

4. Angela Sormani’s Job of the Week post is always a hit with readers

5. Gregory Roth had the inside track on one big LP’s tale of woe

6. Bernard Vaughan had some fundraising coverage for PE

7. Luisa Beltran covered one PE firm that isn’t quite yet to its close yet…

8. Connie Loizos covered the run-up to the lock-up’s expiration for Facebook

9. What time is it? Mark Boslet says its Xtime

10. Reuters had the story of the LBO that got flipped in a day

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