peHUB Top 10

As we roll into the holidays and the New Year, peHUB did what we could to keep folks entertained. Fortunately, we had PE rankings, fundraising news, and company fundings to cover. Here’s the best of what was still a pretty busy week:

1. Jonathan Marino covered who stacks where in private equity rankings

2. The talented, departing Bernard Vaughan had one more fundraising scoop as he closes in on his new beat in the new year

3. Mark Boslet covered Google Ventures’ big year

4. Connie Loizos’ column asks: Is it better to be the boss at your own company, or have a great resume?

5. Connie also covered a startup’s funding

6. Our Reuters colleagues covered Cerberus’ upcoming exit from the Freedom Group

7. Reuters also had the update on Carlyle’s TCW deal

8. Connie Loizos had the latest on the Gangnam-style holiday card of the year

9. Luisa Beltran’s slideshow covered top ’12 deals

10. Connie Loizos asked this week: Could NYC’s startup scene hit a wall?

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