peHUB Top 10

The big news this week included the Dell-LBO, fundraising updates and M&A news–check out peHUB’s Top 10 of the week.

1. Connie Loizos rounds out the Top 10 with her assessment of VCs’ websites

2. Luisa Beltran covered a big departure from KKR

3. Jonathan Marino had the update on TowerBrook’s fundraising

4. Connie Loizos had a piece on the growing–pressing–need for data scientists

5. Luisa Beltran covered the Macaroni Grill sale

6. Luisa Beltran also had the latest on Sun Capital’s fundraising

7. Reuters covered Dell’s big deal

8. Mark Boslet had another bit of fundraising news, for the startups

9. Jonathan Marino broke down pensions’ good and bad ’12 news

10. And we were joined by a guest writer who told us why Delaware is the place to be…

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