peHUB Top 10

1. Our readers know a good thing when they see one. And, apparently, quite a few of them are looking for work if Angela Sormani’s Jobs of the Week post suggests anything…

2. Buyer Beware! Or at least that’s what Matt Dusig says.

3. Angela Sormani, thanks to her early-morning news sleuthing, turned up the Airwatch funding news.

4. Our Connie Loizos speaks to Brightroll’s CEO Tod Sacerdoti.

5. Reuters covered PE’s new, non-Vanderpump rules

6. Angela Sormani also covered Hamilton Lane bulking up.

7. Will they come back? Luisa Beltran covered the PE deal that … wasn’t, quite.

8. Angela Sormani had the latest buy for Bregal Sagemount.

9. Gregory Roth had a scoop on Washington getting a break on KKR’s fees.

10. Readers tuned in when Jonathan Marino had some bad news about the Scooter Store.

Image Credit: Jonathan Marino