peHUB Top 10

Michael Phelps is a mere mortal (as, apparently, are most VCs when it comes to fundraising), the big boys head into the A-rounds and the despised dividend recap rears its ugly head again–just in time to make Roark Capital LPs smile! This, and more journalistic medal winners, in peHUB’s Top 10.

1. Michael Greeley addressed the glum fundraising forecast

2. David Toll reported on what’s generating good vibrations for Roark Capital Partners LPs (and, sweet sensations)

3. Joanna Glasner wrote up Accel’s new “Like”

4. Mark Boslet covered Cendana Capital’s new fund

5. So, it isn’t clear whether or not Twitter has a new backer. But Reuters reported on Square’s new capital.

6. Angela Sormani’s ever-popular peHUB Job of the Week post

7. And speaking of jobs, Steve Bills had the word on one firm doing some hiring in the Windy City

8. Luisa Beltran covered GTCR’s big returns on a short hold

9. Chris Manderson talked about why he’s encouraging clients to take a RIDEA

10. Connie Loizos reported on the impressive figures being generated by Y-Combo startups

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