peHUB Top 10

The word last week was fundraising—there were plenty of eager readers trying to figure out who’s up and who’s down in the LP game. PeHUB charted some of this week’s winners and losers and you can run it back in the Top 10.

1. Connie Loizos had the latest on Aileen Lee’s new initiative, which is lassoing LPs left and right

2. Luisa Beltran covered Water Street, which also had a steady flow of LPs for its fund

3. Some LBO shops need two months to raise a fund, others can’t get it done in two years. These guys are the latter, and Luisa Beltran had the story here, too

4. David Toll said you need to watch what LPs do, and not what they say

5. Not every fundraise is a winner, and Luisa Beltran covered Wilbur Ross’ disappointing fund

6. Facebook and mobile are divergent concepts, our guest columnist of the week Paul Misir wrote

7. Angela Sormani was on point, as always, with the weekly job offering you’re all so eager to check out

8. Mark Boslet wrote about some of the unintended consequences of the Jobs Act

9. Bernard Vaughan had a fundraising update somewhere in the Quahog area…

10. Reuters was there to make the call when Google caught Wildfire

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