peHUB Top Ten

So what’s the deal in December? peHUB’s top posts last week tracked your job opportunities, VC valuations and fundraising scoops. Tune into our top 10 posts of the week to get your fix, if you missed anything…

1. Luisa Beltran stirred the pot when she tried to find out what Warren Buffett really said to his interviewer Andrew Ross Sorkin

2. Mark Boslet covered a whopping 472 companies with $100M valuations and greater

3. Our Reuters colleagues investigated the biggest dividend recap-ers in private equity

4. David Toll contributed a column on Friday about Hamilton Lane showing some muscle

5. Luisa Beltran had a scoop on a PE fundraising

6. Gregory Roth also contributed a fundraising piece last week

7. Connie Loizos wrote about 1stDibs whopping fundraising

8. Jonathan Marino chronicled 2012’s most popular industries for PE to invest in

9. Luisa Beltran covered Deerfield, which “took a Leff”

10. Angela Sormani published our ever-popular peHUB Job of the Week

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