peHub’s 2011 Predictions

Prognosticators and pundits are hurling every prediction and possibility on topics ranging from the economy to professional sports to the Academy Awards for 2011, so we here at peHub thought we’d weigh in with a few of our own. Just don’t bet the farm on these ones to come to fruition.

“Chooch 2—North To Alaska” becomes a surprise Memorial Day hit, more than earning enough money to pay off all of investor Steven Rattner’s fines.

Google gives two more companies instant, overnight desirability and massive fundraising clout by being rejected as a bidder. Again.

Warren Buffett gets caught skinny-dipping on the Jersey Shore, disproving his saying that it’s only when the tide goes out that you know who’s not wearing a bathing suit.

Investors wake up and realize the allegations that China’s real estate market will crash are pure rubbish because where else are you going to put 1.3 billion people?

In its latest move toward more targeted strategies, Carlyle Group sets up the $1 billion Carlyle Union County Laundromats Fund, L.P., earmarked to acquire Laundromats in Union County, N.J.

Buyout executives answer Warren Buffett and Bill Gates with their own “Giving Pledge”—but calling for members to give away just 20 percent of their fortunes (after tax) to charity.

SPACs!: Nope, not next year, either.

After Congress once again proposes to raise taxes on carried interest, Stephen Schwarzman makes a regrettable comparison between Congress and the flying monkeys who carried off Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

Vitriolic tea party activists finally realize some of the same people they’re protesting against are also the folks who are funding them.

Mobile media, VCs, content aggregators and online ad companies are forced to band together to fight off legislative attempts to scale back their access to and ability to utilize consumer data… to help the consumers!

Brett Favre dies, changes his mind, and comes back 10 days later.