peHUB’s Pension Slideshow—’12 Report Card

The results are out! And, they’re not exactly terrific. College and university endowments averaged a loss for 2012, in what turned out to be a surprising year for public markets. Difficulties arose from places like China and the Euro zone, and in New England, among the top 10 endowments, Harvard and MIT wound up on opposite sides of the rankings, which we highlight today in the peHUB slideshow from NACUBO, a university business officers group.


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Northwestern University, a $7.12 billion pension, was down 0.9%.

Image Credit: Northwestern
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Texas A&M University System, with $7.64 billion, was up a whopping 9.1%.

Image Credit: Texas A&M
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Columbia University, with $7.65 billion, was down 1.7%.
Image Credit: Columbia
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The University of Michigan, with $7.69 billion, was down 1.8%.

Image Credit: Michigan

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MIT was up 4.5%, a boon for its $10.15 billion portfolio.

Image Credit: MIT

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Princeton, with $16.95 billion, was down 0.9 percent.

Image Credit: Princeton

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Stanford was up 3.2%, good news for its $17 billion portfolio.

Image Credit: Stanford

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The University of Texas System got a 6.5% boost for its $18.26 billion portfolio.

Image Credit: U. Texas

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No news is good news? Yale’s needle moved the least in 2012; the university’s $19.35 billion portfolio was down 0.1%.

Image Credit: Yale

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They’re number one—but only because of the size of their endowment. Harvard University’s $30.44 billion endowment fell a surprising 4.1 percent in 2012.

Image Credit: Harvard


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