peHUB’s Top 10 Posts of the Week

Stunningly, our readers weren’t most intrigued by Carlyle on its big IPO week (maybe they weren’t buying in)–instead, readers wanted to know more about KKR, which other IPOs have had some pop, and how VCs are heading back to school. Here’s the Hub’s hit list:

1. Reuters takes the cake this week, breaking down KKR’s suffering on fees

2. Alastair Goldfisher and Venture Capital Journal explores how—and why—VCs are heading back to school–for deals!

3. Luisa Beltran explains how FT Partners were also big winners on the AmWINS deal

4. The biggest private equity deal in the restaurant space, Centerbridge’s buy of PF Chang’s, makes for a good headline (and a good bite)

5. Connie Loizos inspects just how troubled Groupon truly is—and, why analysts can’t seem to agree

6. Buyouts’ Steve Bills asks how the Chesapeake troubles could impact KKR

7. Buyouts’ Gregory Roth reports on another pension looking at making some PE commitments—Florida’s!

8. Mark Boslet keeps track of early-stage bets being made in VC by UTIMCO

9. Jonathan Marino sounds off on some of the IPOs with the most pop, as we await the Facebook offering

10. Mark Boslet covers Foursquare biz dev whiz Tristan Walker’s trip to Andreessen Horowitz, where he’ll be an EIR

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