Perot family invests in GuideIT

The Perot family, through its private equity group, has made an equity investment in GuideIT, which provides customized information technology solutions. GuideIT began in February 2013 with an initial focus on the healthcare industry.

Press Release

GuideIT, a Plano-based upstart dedicated to providing customized information technology (IT) solutions, today announced that the Perot family has made an equity investment in the company to further its mission of driving client growth and innovation. Through its private equity investment group, the Perot family has acquired a stake in the company, which was founded by five industry veterans who held leadership roles under both Ross Perot, Sr. and Ross Perot, Jr. at EDS and Perot Systems.

“We are excited to announce our investment in GuideIT,” said Ross Perot, Jr. “We have a long history with this leadership team and believe GuideIT can deliver unique, value-driven solutions.”

“This investment by the Perot family is a significant event for our young company,” said Scott Barnes, founder and CEO of GuideIT and a thirty-year IT services veteran. “The alignment of our culture and values makes Perot ownership a perfect fit. The Perot family shares our passion for excellence and customer service.”

GuideIT offers a wide range of services including healthcare solutions, technology consulting, enterprise IT services and talent and project staffing. The company began operations in February 2013 with an initial focus on the healthcare industry and a commitment to delivering personalized, customer-centric IT services.

“The Perot family is proud to invest in this group of individuals who emerged as leaders as we built EDS and Perot Systems into two of the largest IT services companies in the world,” said Ross Perot, Jr.

About GuideIT

GuideIT is a customer-centered information technology (IT) services company that helps organizations maximize their operations through innovative, results-driven solutions. Founded in 2013 by a group of IT industry veterans, the company delivers expertise in healthcare solutions, program management, enterprise technology, talent and services to customers. Through its strategic partnerships, the company also offers expanded IT solutions in data center hosting, service management, enterprise monitoring, cyber security, hardware and applications migrations. For more information, visit