PODCAST: Can we cure the cyber-crime epidemic?

Hugh Thompson, managing partner at Crosspoint Capital, discusses the recently issued Executive Cybersecurity Order and its potential influence on B2B and B2C companies.

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Cybersecurity, one of the hottest areas of private equity investing, is experiencing an epidemic that is incredibly hard to cure.

In the past 18 months, ransomware attacks on Solar Winds, the Colonial Pipeline and Kaseya have illustrated the scale of cyber-criminal operations, shining a light on a problem that is not new, but has become more pressing than ever.

In this episode of the Spotlight podcast, Hugh Thompson, a managing partner at Crosspoint Capital, discusses what has led cybercriminals to become so advanced, why threat actors are not afraid of prosecution and what the government can do to hold them accountable. According to Thompson, a step was taken in the right direction in May with the issuance of the Executive Cybersecurity Order. But the question now becomes: will this be enough to mitigate the negative impacts of cyber-crimes?