PODCAST: Planning for the unknown

In an era defined by uncertainty, how does anyone plan for the year ahead? In this sixth and final episode of Disruption Matters, a panel of experts discusses how they're preparing for whatever 2023 brings.

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This podcast is sponsored by AlixPartners

One of the greatest challenges of the current moment is to predict what happens next. 2022 brought inflation as part of the covid-19 hangover, although the broader status quo seems unlikely to continue. As much as anyone plans for the worst, no company can plan by fear alone without ceding some advantage to their competitors. The hardest thing right now might be to factor in the chance that things may improve.

In this episode, we discuss how to strike the right balance of optimism and pessimism in planning for 2023 with Lisa Donahue, co-head of Americas and Asia at AlixPartners, Gabe Mesanza, a partner in Huron Capital’s Resource Group, and Joshua Cherry-Seto, partner and CFO of Start-Up Health.

Listen to the conversation in the sixth episode of our podcast miniseries Disruption Matters.