Poll Results: Nearly 59% Believe Boston is the King of East Coast VC

So, who’s tops in the East Coast VC debate? Beantown took the hardware this time.

By a pretty sizeable margin, in fact, Boston legged out New York in peHUB’s weekly poll. On Thursday, we asked: Which of the two cities reigns supreme as the capital of East Coast VC?

Nearly 59%, of respondents picked our neighbors to the north while only 41.5% chose New York. The responses, however, foreshadow that the Big Apple could one day challenge its primary venture capital rival.

“They’re nipping at Boston’s heels,” one reader wrote. “Very close race, but very different companies and cultures.”

“Tough when the consumer bubble bursts,” a different voter said.  One commenter simply added, “Current activity is a short term fad.” Yet another, who we suspect earned their diploma from “a little school outside Boston,” took a swipe at NYC, saying on New York’s prospects, compared to Boston’s: “Dim; the educational institutions in Boston will always trump those in New York.” 

But, wait, even when Cornell comes to town!?

My personal favorite? “NYC is ’78 Yankees, Boston is going to be Bucky Dented soon!” a voter wrote.

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, now, won’t we?