Privakey adds PE adviser to board

Privakey, a provider of digital identity and authentication solutions, has named Pamela Strisofsky to its board of directors. Currently Strisofsky is serving as an adviser to Guardian Capital Partners, Madison Bay Partners, MVS Management and WealthForge. She is the former CFO of EnerTech Capital Partners.


PHILADELPHIA, PA–(Marketwired – September 08, 2016) – Privakey, an innovator in cloud-based digital identity and authentication, has appointed Pamela Strisofsky to its Board of Directors. Strisofsky brings more than 25 years of finance, venture capital, and business operations experience to the Privakey Board. Strisofsky currently serves as Chairwoman of Ardica Technologies, and as a member of both the board and the finance committee of the First Hospital Foundation. She also serves as an advisor to Guardian Capital Partners, Madison Bay Partners, MVS Management, and WealthForge.

Previously, Strisofsky spent more than 15 years as managing director and chief financial officer of TL Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm with $1.5 billion under management, while also serving as an advisor to EnerTech Capital Partners, an energy-focused venture fund with $500 million under management. During her TL tenure, she assisted the firm in raising more than $1.2 billion of capital, administered the investment of more than $1.3 billion, and returned more than $1.5 billion to TL’s partners. Pam also served for eight years as the chief financial officer of EnerTech Capital Partners.

Strisofsky graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in Finance and International Business. She is a certified public accountant, as well as, an investment advisor. She is also an emeritus board member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Private Equity CFO Association, an organization she assisted in founding.

“Pam is an outstanding addition to the Privakey Board,” said Charles Durkin, Privakey’s president and chief executive officer. “Pam is an accomplished business leader with proven track record in capitalizing and launching successful technology businesses. She brings extensive experience in technology management, fund raising, and capital strategy. We look forward to the many contributions that she will bring to our already strong board.”

PrivaKey, Inc. is an innovator in the drive to eliminate passwords from the Internet and online transactions. Privakey simplifies and secures the user login experience, enabling uniform and consistent login experiences at multiple sites. Eventually, Privakey will be available for most sites and apps, going a long way towards eliminating passwords. Simple, convenient, and consistent logins are enabled by the highly secure, cloud-based Privakey service. Privakey is easy to enable on websites, mobile applications, and online services. It requires no upfront capital, and it works with devices that users already own.

Privakey is expected to be ubiquitous in the years ahead, relieving users from the burden of managing the complex and vulnerable passwords now used for online access. PrivaKey, Inc. was founded in 2016. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Probaris Technologies, Inc.