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Private Equity To Tweet, Begrudgingly

Unlike venture firms, where Twittering, blogging, and social networking pretty much come with the territory, private equity firms have been consistent with the “private” part of their names, shying away from the exhibitionism of social networking.

Until today, when an email from buyout firm Huntsman Gay announced that the firm has crossed over to the dark side. I think that’s great news, but don’t get excited, this move was not done enthusiastically–check out the wording on this announcement:

“We’re also working with a number of folks in the broader investment community on Twitter to determine whether it’s a useful real-time communications medium.”

I read that to mean, “We’re doing this even though we think it’s dumb.”

But it’s a reflection of the buyout community as a whole. Earlier this year Dan speculated on the reasons for private equity’s reluctance to take up blogging. It’s obviously no different for other forms of social media. Twitter hasn’t exactly emerged as a tool for real socializing and networking with other buyout professionals. Most PE-related media outlets have twitter accounts, but for good in-the-trenches, day-to-day insights from buyout pros, there’s just a handful. For private equity, Twitter is mostly a link sharing service, which is not all bad either.

Here is the handful of the buyout pros (or at least deal pros) that I found on Twitter (email me if you know of others):

Rich Lawson of Huntsman Gay – @Rich_Lawson

Buyout firm The Riverside Co.: @theriversideco

UK private equity house Endless LLP has a sporadic account that’s been up since May: @EndlessLLP

UK Consultant and private equity blogger Matthew Craig-Greene is pretty active: @mattcg

Fred Theil of Triton Pacific Capital Partners tweets, but you have to follow him to read them: @fgthiel His colleague Kirk Mitchie tweets here: @KirkMitchie

Partner at Deutsch Inc. and peHUB Vox Populi Contributer Mike Duda:  @mikeduda

Banker Mark Reiboldt, VP at Coker Capital, tweets here: @markreiboldt

The British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association has an account: @BVCA

There’s also Private Equity Jobs listings from @equityjobs

And Greg Needham of NorthShore Capital Advisors, tweets about middle market M&A at @GregWNeedham

And of course, there’s Dan and the peHUB feed: @peHUB, as well as Deborah Gage: @Deborahgage, Alastair Goldfisher: @agoldfisher, and me: @griffitherin